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Discover how the modern masters of photography capture those unforgettable images...

Kevin Fleming’s journey to become one of the true Modern Masters of Photography included covering the world and more than 26 countries as a photographer for National Geographic. His assignments have taken him into war and famine in Somalia, to the Mediterranean for a re-creation of the voyage of Ulysses and put him on a dogsled crossing the Canadian Arctic.

He has covered subjects as diverse as the sub- atomic world of high-energy physics and New Zealand sheep ranchers. While reporting on the Sinai Peninsula in 1981,Kevin came under the assassins’ gunfire that killed Anwar Sadat. He escaped with some of the few photographs of that tragic moment.

Kevin has published more than a dozen breathtaking photography books. Recently he has completed his decade long journey across America that culminated with the publishing of The Heart of America.

It is widely believed that The Heart of America is the best book ever published about America and this has earned Kevin the nickname of America’s Photographer. Readers Digest has named Kevin as America’s Best Observer and The Heart of America as one of the 100 Best Treasures in America today in their May 2005 Edition.

Kevin is a Delaware native and he began his career as a newspaper photographer. He graduated from Wesley College where he has been inducted in their Hall of Fame. His photography has won numerous national and international awards.

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